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Total Knee Implants Designed With Women in Mind

Better Fit for Women

There are over 300,000 knee replacements done each year in the US1 and over 60% of them are performed on women. Triathlon® is a total knee system designed with women in mind.

The design of Triathlon® offers a wide range of sizing options that closely match both the female and male anatomy. The smaller sizes are narrower, and a narrower implant accommodates the female bone structure, which improves fit and function for women.

Patient Testimonial

“Right after the operation, I felt that it had been a success…I have my life back again. I’m living a full-time life.”

— Cindy Goodfellow, 64
Stryker Knee Recipient

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1. National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement: Total Knee Replacement 12/10/03.

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